Friday, July 29, 2011

Support of my husband!

First I wont to say I could not have survived all I have been threw without my husband. He is one of a kind. He had to do alot of cooking, pulling me out of bed docter appointments, listening at complaining, and with the COPD I cant stand heat so I freeze him to death. But he never complains. NEVER! I dont give him the credit that he deserves. Sometimes we cant go alot of places because of the heat or I dont feel good, and keep in mind he is also disabled, with lots of his own health problems. I love you Charlie and God smiled on me when he sent you to me. Thank you for all you do! It really helps when your going threw something like I have to have God, a wonderful caring husband, friends, and loving and caring family as I do. When I get down or depressed there is always someone I can call or talk to or my husband or preacher, that always makes me feel better. This can work for you.


tahera said...

I'm sorry to hear about your state. Very emotional post and yet you have been strongly facing the challenges. stem cell for copd

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