Friday, July 29, 2011

Support of my husband!

First I wont to say I could not have survived all I have been threw without my husband. He is one of a kind. He had to do alot of cooking, pulling me out of bed docter appointments, listening at complaining, and with the COPD I cant stand heat so I freeze him to death. But he never complains. NEVER! I dont give him the credit that he deserves. Sometimes we cant go alot of places because of the heat or I dont feel good, and keep in mind he is also disabled, with lots of his own health problems. I love you Charlie and God smiled on me when he sent you to me. Thank you for all you do! It really helps when your going threw something like I have to have God, a wonderful caring husband, friends, and loving and caring family as I do. When I get down or depressed there is always someone I can call or talk to or my husband or preacher, that always makes me feel better. This can work for you.

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